We, like all other business at this time are following all the guidelines that are being set out by the government as the health and safety of our staff and everyone else is the most important thing. We also understand that customers both domestic and commercial see gates and barriers as a vital part of their security to protect homes and businesses.

The First minister made a statement today 24th March 2020 giving better guidance on who is allowed to work during lockdown and it was stated that a single person working outside who sticks to social distancing can continue to work.  We have taken the decision to furlough all our workers for the time being until we feel the threat has lessened, we will constantly monitor Government guidelines.

If you do require a repair or callout, please fill out the details on our contact page and we will deal with it as soon as is possible.

The information below is taken form the BBC news website:

The UK government has taken further action to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Shops selling non-essential items are to close, along with libraries, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and places of worship.

Weddings and baptisms will be banned but funerals will be allowed.

Gatherings of more than two people not from the same household will be banned.

People are only to do one form of exercise a day on their own or with a member of their household.

The only other acceptable reasons to leave the house are:

  • shopping for basic necessities, although this should be done as little as possible
  • medical need or to provide care for a vulnerable person
  • travel to or from work but only where this is absolutely necessary

What should I be doing?

If people have to go outside – to buy food for example – they must stay more than 2m (6.5ft) apart from others.

Cafes, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, gyms and leisure centres have all already been told to close. The move is part of social distancing measures to minimise non-essential contact.

People with flu-like symptoms – such as a dry cough and high temperature – had already been asked to self-isolate at home to avoid infecting others.

Why is social distancing necessary?

Social Distancing is important because coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs small droplets – packed with the virus – into the air.

These can be breathed in, or can cause an infection if you touch a surface they have landed on, and then touch your face with unwashed hands.

The less time people spend together, the less chance there is of this happening.