Traffic Barriers

Car park / traffic barriers are one of the most effective ways to manage traffic flow in busy areas. These types of systems are primarily designed to control traffic flow. There are a variety of security barriers available to businesses in today’s market including automatic rising arm barriers, manual barriers, and swing arm barriers. There are three main benefits of traffic barriers:

If you are considering traffic barriers from a traffic control point of view, automatic barriers can provide a number of additional benefits that manual barriers cannot. Automatic barriers can be implemented with various optional accessories, such as an ANPR to ensure that traffic can flow in and out of your premises easily without the need for manual support.

This makes traffic barriers particularly useful for larger businesses that have a lot of employees and visitors coming in and out of their premises on a daily basis, which renders a manual security barrier unsuitable.

The main advantage of automatic traffic barriers over their manual counterparts is the flexibility they offer as they can be programmed and utilised in a number of different ways.

Automatic traffic barriers can not only be utilised for car parks but are also ideal for securing a business premises out of hours as well as being ideal for private landowners who may have longer pathways or roads as a part of their property that they may wish to secure.

Furthermore, automatic security barriers can be easily implemented with additional systems as they require no manual input, making them ideal for the majority of modern businesses who perhaps have a smaller number of staff or lack the capability to employ someone to manually open, close and secure the barrier when necessary.

Due to the electronic nature of automatic traffic barriers, they are often seen as more reliable as it is more difficult for criminals to bypass them whereas manual barriers can often be easily bypassed by criminals looking to enter your premises or property.

Whilst automatic barriers do provide a lot of additional benefits when compared to their manual counterparts, there are some instances where a manual barrier is more effective mainly since it doesn’t require any power supply.

Manual traffic barriers can be particularly useful in more rural areas where they are needed for premises that require a simpler and perhaps a more cost-effective solution as manual security barriers are often cheaper in the short term.

Traffic Barriers - Why do Businesses Need Them?

A businesses top priority should be the safety of their employees, clients, and their premises. You can help to protect your business with a car park traffic barrier entry system. Although it may not do the job alone – you may need to invest in a locked gate, or something else to help. It can minimise the risk of trespassers and keep your employees safe.

Poorly managed car parks have an impact on company reputation and employee engagement. If parking is hazardous, where demand outweighs capacity, it affects motorist’s visibility, makes manoeuvring difficult, increases the risk of collisions and disrupt fire evacuation plans.

Preventing people that don’t belong on the premises should be a priority. Arson is one of the biggest causes of fire in the workplace, so you want to be able to keep such crimes at bay. Installing a car park barrier entry system will restrict access to authorised people only. Depending on the system, you’ll be able to see who is parked on site and stop and identify those who attempt to gain access without authorisation.

Not only this, but you should also make people on the premises feel a lot safer. This is crucial if you are considering a car park traffic barrier entry system for your workplace, as they will be able to continue their work undistracted. They won’t need to worry about they’re vehicles being broken into, or what will happen in the event of an emergency.

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