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We offer a range of commercial electric automated gates that can be industrial security gate or ornamental gates, these can be made from aluminium or steel and offer the security you require. We are happy to discuss your requirements to ensure you get exactly the right gate and automation system for you.



Barriers are a great way of controlling entry and exit to your property and increasing security. There are several options available that consist of a robust steel construction and designed for continuous use so we are sure we can help fine the right one for you. Another benefit of a barrier is the ease of installation.


There are different types of bollards available depending on your security requirements. They are a great way of restricting vehicle access.

Access Control

Increasing the security of your premises ensures the protection of your employees and clients.  From standalone access control to computer-controlled, multi-user systems. We offer a range of solutions form intercom installed at your gate or a swipe card entry system for your office.


Turnstiles give you the ability to control entry and exit of pedestrians. There are options for full-height or mid height depending on the level of security you require.

Outdoor Lighting

An easy way to add an extra layer of security to your premises is have outdoor/security lighting, not only is this a deterrent for people entering private property it also makes it safer for staff/visitors.