CM Gates Obtains Constructionline Membership

We are delighted to share that we are now members of Constructionline. Constructionline was originally created as a government department and aims to link buyers with high-quality suppliers across the public and private sectors.

The construction sector has an important role to play in supporting local companies, and many organisations have a desire to work with local suppliers to support the communities in which they operate. Constructionline conducts verification checks for all the suppliers on our platform, so procurement teams can be sure that they are working with approved and accredited partners. In turn, local suppliers, like us, have access to a much broader range of projects in their area via the Constructionline platform.

CM Gates & Barriers has ample experience supplying and installing electric gates, barriers, and access control systems to a number of clients with commercial properties. This membership will allow us to build new relationships and provide our services to even more commercial clients, while ensuring that more people are aware of the current gate safety legislation.

In short, Constructionline speeds up the search process for buyers by connecting them with suppliers who have already undergone all necessary health and safety checks and are kept up to date with the ever-changing regulations that come with being in the industry.

PAS 91 for Constructionline Membership

The process for applying for Constructionline membership includes the standardised pre-qualification questionnaire – PAS 91.

The questionnaire is categorised into modules. These questions allow buyers to determine the suitability of contractors for projects based on their compliance across several core areas of risk management. This set of pre-qualification modules aims to raise the bar for supply chain standards and reduce duplication by removing the need for contractors to complete many different pre-qualification modules time and time again. Once contractors have completed PAS 91 modules, their answers to core modules can be used for different projects, saving both time and money on the pre-qualification process.

constructionline benefits

The Main Areas Assessed Under PAS 91

  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Impact and Sustainability
  • Quality Management
  • Financial and Business Standing
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion




CM Gates & Barriers are expert fabricators and installers of driveway gates, barriers, and access control systems. From our base in Livingston, perfectly situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow, we serve the whole of Scotland.


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