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Are you able to service or repair my automated gate if you never installed it?

Yes, we can regardless of who carried out the original install of your gate. You can call us on 07772198495 or 07845948140 for any emergency repairs, on 01506332021 for any non-emergency repairs or servicing. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected]

Can my existing gate be automated?

In most cases yes it can be, we would require some additional information regarding the existing gate, but we are happy to discuss this with you during the enquiry stage

Is there a limit to the high or width of my gate?

Regarding the high of the gate there are no limits to this but there might be some circumstances where planning permission is required if you are looking for a particularly high gate. With the width again there are no limits to this, as the gates get wider it might be that we need to use a different automation type like a sliding gate rather than a swing gate.

What type of automation is best for me?

There are 3 types of automation for gates swing, sliding and below ground. For some installations there can be a choice of option depending on your needs but for some other jobs there might only be one solution. During the enquiry and survey stages we will be able to confirm what the best options are for you.

What if the area I want my gate is uneven?

When we survey the area, we will make sure the design and gate automation selection consider any slopes or uneven surfaces so that it not an issue.

How are the gates controlled?

Most gates are operated by a handheld radio transmitter, intercom or other access control device depending on your requirements again we are happy do discuss all the options with you.