Enhancing your security gates with automation kits is a great way to elevate your system and provides ease of use for you. The inclusion of photocell sensors is imperative with these automated systems as they are there to keep you, your loved ones, and your vehicle(s) safe. If your gate is already in motion the incorporation of photocell sensors is highly recommended. they are an essential part of gate safety.

Electric gates are convenient, aesthetically appealing, extremely secure, and are designed to control access to residential and commercial properties. But, they also pose a high safety risk to children and adults having caused several deaths, serious injuries, and many near misses in recent years. However, the addition of safety edges can prevent a number of tragedies. These can be added during the installation of your new system.

Force testing gates is about limitation of forces in the crush zones of your gate. If a gate is tested and it does not comply then additional safety should and can be fitted until it is up to scratch. A gate installer that tests the forces can provide a compliant report showing all forces are within the safe parameters of the machinery directive. Force checking should be regularly done on all gate systems.

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