What is Monoblocking?

Installing or replacing a driveway on your property can be quite a challenging task because of the wide range of options, the benefits of various materials, cost, and maintenance. But why monoblocking, and what is it? Keep reading to learn more about this style of driveway, it’s benefits, and how we can help you.

Monoblocking is a method of paving where uniform blocks are laid out in sequence. The blocks are typically made of clay or concrete, but designs can incorporate other materials depending on the client’s wishes.

Monoblocks, as a highly versatile material, have a range of uses. These include:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Garden storage
  • Large-scale commercial projects; including high streets, car parks, and housing developments

Some excavation and preparation works will need to be performed before installing the bricks/blocks. Once done, the bricks will be laid in the chosen pattern before being sealed into place. Given the simple equipment and cheaper materials required, monoblocking is one of the simpler forms of driveways to install.

monoblocking driveway

Benefits of Monoblocking

1. Versatility

The benefit of monoblocking is its versatility due to a wide range of blocks or bricks to choose from in terms of sizes, styles, and colours. Given this variety, you can customise your driveway based on your preferences to have what you desire. If you want to create a specific atmosphere, your paving stones are a great place to start.

Perhaps you want to invoke a sunny and bright environment for your patio. Choosing a stylish terracotta or tan shimmery stone will evoke memories of the sunniest holiday villa. Or maybe you want to create a sweeping elegance with white or cream natural stone reminiscent of a stately home. You’re in control, from material to texture, to pattern.

Block paving bricks come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Whatever your vision, monoblocking allows you to control the look of your paving design down to the fine details. Thus, this method provides you with something unique to you and your space.

If you were looking for a small change that creates a significant impact, you could simply select a new colour palette for your paving. This breathes new life into your outdoor space. From smoky kohls to muted oranges, there is something to suit everyone. And with the myriad of surface finishes to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

2. Increased Property Value

If you intend to sell your property, don’t make a wrong first impression with a shabby exterior. A stylish driveway significantly improves your house’s curb appeal, giving it a polished and appealing look. If you are looking to install a brand new block paving driveway, we can help with that, too.

Monoblocking is also an effective way to give your green space a refresh, enhancing the overall look of your home. Adding a simple path or a BBQ area can significantly increase the desirability of your property and increase the value.

3. Aesthetics

Because of its versatility, the visual appeal of your block paving will be second to none. Since you have the option to choose from a variety of sizes and designs, you can easily enhance the appearance of your property. From a simple to an intricate design or pattern, you will be able to spruce up the look and increase the value of your property.

Monoblocking is also an effective way to give your green space a refresh, enhancing the overall look of your home. Adding a simple path or a BBQ area can significantly increase the desirability of your property and increase the value.

Check out our gallery to see just what a difference it can make to the overall aesthetic of your property.

4. Durability

Due to its durable materials, monoblocking will surely last for as long as possible and even for a lifetime if properly maintained. It can endure the harsh elements and the test of time. You can consistently drive over it with no wear and tear, and it’s even highly resistant to most chemicals, oils, salts, and frost.

5. Maintenance

Another benefit of monoblocking is that it’s easier to maintain when compared with other driveways. All you have to do is clean it with soap and water. Should there be any damage with the sub-layer, you can lift some bricks out and replace them. It’s that simple and easy.

6. Little Waste & Easy Installation

Looking at the impressive results, you’d be forgiven for thinking the installation process is complicated and time-consuming. However, monoblocks are very convenient, quick and easy to install. Where other paving styles might need dry weather conditions to implement them successfully, monoblocking can be put into place in whatever adverse weather conditions we might face.

Additionally, monoblocking creates minimal waste. This is because the uniform nature of the designs allows you to order precisely the right amount of product. This both saves you money and creates fewer surplus materials.

7. Sustainability

As our carbon footprint and environmental impact has become such a serious global issue, mnay homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more sustainable. In terms of sustainability, monoblocking is highly effective. It is porous so is able to absorb rainwater quickly and stops it from gathering on your patio or driveway. That way, you benefit from improved drainage. This is particularly important during the temperamental Scottish weather. Monoblock driveways help to ensure the front of your home doesn’t flood.

monoblocking installation

Installation from CM Gates & Barriers

If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor space with monoblocking, CM Gates & Barriers can help from the design stage through to installation. All of our work is carried out by skilled, experienced engineers who will ensure that the installation is done right. We are also available to supply and install a new automated gate or access system to complement your new driveway and increase the level of security at your home.

Contact a member of our team to discuss your project and let us help you turn your dream into a reality.



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