Aluminium Gates are becoming increasingly more popular because of their strength, durability, and versatility when it comes to design. Over its lifetime, aluminium gates will not suffer from the issues commonly faced by wooden gates. It won’t warp, rot, shrink, expand, crack, or discolour like wooden gates. Therefore, it won’t require the expensive maintenance needed to keep wooden gates in reasonable condition.

Deciding on the right automated gate system for a property can be a challenge, and a large part of this comes down to the choice of the gates themselves. There are many important considerations including how the gates look when they’re new, what they’ll look like when they’ve been in place for some time, and of course the cost.

Aluminium naturally forms a thin layer of oxidation on its surface which effectively seals the material and protects the aluminium, extending its life span. Aluminium electric gates also don’t absorb water, one of the main causes of degradation in wooden gates.

One of the main issues with gate safety is the weight of gates and the force required to open, close, or stop them. The lighter the gate, the less energy it will need to move or stop, therefore the safer it will be. Aluminium is incredibly light and strong for its weight. Aluminium electric gates are made from hollow sections that also help to keep their weight down. As safety is one of the primary concerns for anyone considering gates used by the public or large numbers of residents, employees, and visitors, aluminium electric gates are the perfect solution.

Installation of Aluminium Gates

The low weight and modular design of aluminium gates make installation easy. A simple process of drilling the appropriate holes and using threaded inserts called riv-nuts allows gate automation racks and accessories to be easily fitted. While aluminium can be welded, using threaded inserts is simpler and quicker.

The method of installation is not only easy, but also strong. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for wooden gates since joints can be affected by rot over a period of time. This will make them weak and susceptible to breaking. Contact our team to learn more about installing a set of aluminium gates.