Modern lighting can serve a multitude of purposes in the workplace and at home. Your outdoor lights may boost your curb appeal and enhance the aesthetic value of your home. They may also serve practical functions and keep your family safe at night. If you are considering installing new lighting on your property, keep reading to look at some of the benefits of outdoor lighting.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you are proud of the way your property looks, why stop enjoying it after sundown? Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy the view from your back porch all night long, and it can be used to accentuate some of the most important features of your yard. You can use outdoor lighting in countless different ways; the more creative you are, the more options you will have to work with. In addition to illuminating focal points throughout the exterior of your home, outdoor lighting can also direct attention towards your house itself. This allows you to point out interesting or pleasant architectural features throughout the night. Even your neighbours will benefit from your outdoor lighting while they soak up the view as they walk by.


There is nothing quite like a backyard game of badminton or soccer with the family on a warm summer day. If you live on a property with insufficient outdoor lighting, you will have to enjoy this exercise and bonding time during a certain window of opportunity. If you do have adequate outdoor lighting, on the other hand, you can simply take a break to watch the sunset and resume play during the night. Outdoor lighting can also facilitate night-time dips in the pool, and it can even keep you safe while doing so.

Safety and Security

Your exterior stairs and walkways are much easier to navigate with outdoor lighting. Your home will also be much better protected from potential criminal acts such as vandalism and burglary. Outdoor lighting reduces the number of hiding spots that criminals may find on your property, which will typically deter them from attempting to break in.

Peace of Mind with Exterior Lighting

A well-lit area drastically reduces the chances of a break-in occurring. Would-be intruders do not have the benefit of the darkness to conceal their activities. Security lighting is also highly effective when working in tandem with surveillance systems, as the chances of a positive recognition are heightened by the presence of light. This gives property owners a much better sense of control if something untoward did occur.

Apart from acting as a deterrent, outdoor security lighting can simply provide homeowners with a sense of safety and overall peace of mind. Having exterior lighting means that people are much more comfortable walking outside after dark.

Potentially painful accidents, such as tripping over unseen objects concealed in the darkness, are much less likely to occur because of the presence of exterior lighting.

Motion Detected Exterior Lighting

Perhaps the biggest stumbling block when explaining the benefits of having exterior lighting installed is the cost. In addition to the initial installation, many people may be concerned about the added cost to their energy bills. This is particularly true if someone is thinking of having the type of lighting which remains on permanently. Electricity bills are almost certain to soar with this type of lighting. A far more effective alternative is to have motion-detection exterior lighting installed.

As this type of lighting will only come on when any movement is detected in the target area, the homeowner can be assured that their energy bills will not rise by a substantial amount. In fact, people with exterior lighting installed may save money in certain areas. Insurance premiums, for example, could be reduced with the addition of outdoor security lighting.

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