Wooden Gates

The choice of gate for your home is a personal decision and if you have worked hard to renovate your home to a high standard, then an electric gate is the best way to add the perfect finishing touch. Wood has withstood the test of time and remains a favourite gate building material despite the rise of aluminium, wrought iron, and uPVC. We understand that security, privacy and control are some of the many reasons that our clients choose to install wooden electric gates, and we’re here to help ensure that it is not only functional but elevates your property on an aesthetic level.

All softwoods are easy to work with and this means wooden electric gates can be made to suit any style of home. Traditional gating is available for period properties with ironmongery to complement the age of the home, and for more privacy or a modern touch, timber gates can be built as one solid panel to maximise security and divert unwanted attention away from your property.


Appearance – Wooden gates have been popular for many years and one of the main reasons is that they never seem to go out of fashion. There are a number of different styles and each one offers a unique look compared to the last.

Function – No matter where you need your wooden electric gate installed – or for what purpose – it’s easy to find something to suit your requirements. They can be cut to fit openings of any shape or size, and can be built specifically to enhance security, maintain privacy, and create and attractive, professional appearance all at the same time.

Security – You might be surprised to hear that wooden electric gates can be an incredibly effective form of security for your home or business. There are a few things to consider when finding a gate for security purposes; the type of wood is important – you’ll want hard woods over softer woods. Height, locking systems, and reinforcement will also have an impact.

Cost Effective – Wooden electric gates are by far the most cost-effective gate solution you can find. Timber is generally cheaper than metal, and while they may take some general maintenance over time, they will last for many years without trouble. Choosing high quality timber from a reliable supplier means you can have peace of mind that your gate is installed with all the necessary protection to fight against things like rot or discolouration, while also being naturally strong from the start.

Why Choose Wooden Gates?

Wooden electric gates offer a warmth and character unlike its metal competitors and its versatile properties mean it can be tailored to suit your requirements. With a small amount of maintenance, wood will provide you with a long-lasting gate that will enhance your property.