Gate automation is now commonly accepted as one of the best options to secure your property. Automatic Gates offer convenience, security, and add value to any property. Most people report that once they have installed automatic gates, they feel more secure (especially at nights), that they are delighted with the ease of operation, and that their property feels more exclusive.

In effect you move your front door to beside the roadway. This deters unwanted callers and potential burglars who will not want to park visibly on the road while they enter your premises. A benefit is that the property does not look especially security conscious as normal gates are simply closed. The gates also keep your dogs in (or out as the case may be!) and stop you worrying where your offspring are playing.

Numerous other benefits come with the package including added value to your property (some say that a house sells quicker as automatic gates impress prospective buyers), increasing the style of your house, and stopping stray animals entering your gardens. We haven’t even mentioned going out to close the gates on a cold, rainy winter’s night!

Before a decision can be made a member of our team will do a site inspection to provide you with various options that are suitable to your property. The main factor which will influence this will be the ground levels surrounding the entrance, and the available room around the entrance area. Try to avoid outward opening gates as this presents numerous difficulties. Sliding gates are very secure and robust and are also useful in areas where high winds are common. Contact our team for more.

Above or Below Ground Gate Automation


The obvious choice where you have a decorative set of gates and aesthetics are important. The operators are installed under the gate post area. Underground ops will normally support swing gates up to a maximum of 500kg per leaf and up to 3 Metres wide per leaf. Soak away drainage should be provided from the in-ground support boxes.


Surface operators (rams) come in many variations and show that your gates are automated and therefore indicate to a would-be intruder that you are security conscious and may also be security alarmed, etc. They can be less expensive than a Below Ground system as they require fewer ground works to your drive. The operators are suitable for a wide range of gates.

Swing Gate Automation

People expect gates on entry approach to open away from them (i.e. towards your property), as that is the norm. Therefore, you will have to provide clear signage or road markings to warn them of reversed gate swing. Outward opening gates are not recommended if another option exists.

Gates that Swing TOWARDS the Property

Gates that Swing AWAY from the Property

Sliding Gate Automation

Sliding gates are suitable for both domestic and commercial installations. They are very popular for commercial work as they are very secure, extremely reliable, and need little maintenance. The operators can move a wide range of gates weighing up to 3500Kgs. In domestic situations they again are very suitable, but care must be taken to design the gate so that it doesn’t look commercial.

That is generally the only restriction, and a properly designed sliding domestic gate is ideal. Controlled by the same devices as swing gates, we can offer a system designed to suit you. The gate runs on a base rail which must be level across the opening and therefore sliding gates tend to involve more civil works. The operator can be smart enough to recognise pedestrian commands and open the gate partially. It is possible to create a cantilever gate that does not require a ground rail across the entrance.

Single Leaf Sliding Gates

Double Leaf Sliding Gates

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